Excell Buff | Specialist Detailing in house and on-site.
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Mark Kaye, Master Detailer and Polisher, welcomes you to ExcellBuff, the Melbourne based specialist for on-site/in-house car polishing.

The most comprehensive place for car paintwork polishing and vehicle detailingwork and advice for all automobile enthusiasts and discerning owners. Unique Polishing and Detailing for all prestige, classic, custom, vintage, hotrods, sports cars and motorcycles.
Excell Buff also works on site across Melbourne & Victoria. If you want your car to be detailed at my workshop please call me to book your car inas I often work on-site.

” The Craftsman develops a knowingness about the work he does that bears its own fruit, the fruit of being present, or attentive. The craftsman learns that within the work he does there is a jewel hiding below the surface. The thrill of the craft is to discover the jewel, and there is only one way to discover it, to practise the craft mindlessly, to become one with the work, to polish and polish as though with one’s heart. “

About Our Services

Excell Buff Automotive Polishing Co. was established in 1982 by Mark Kaye. Mark is a Master Detailer and Polisher who offers genuine care and advice using exacting standards based on over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the automotive industry and car detailing. Mark also has qualifications in business and training as well excellent hands-on skills in caring for your car.
Excell Buff specialises in immaculate car polishing and detailing for anything automotive. One of the most important aspects of your vehicle is the brilliance of the paintwork. The duco can be buffed, cut and polished to a perfect finish, before a final coat of high quality wax is applied to protect the surface.
Excell Buff can remove swirl patterns, buff marks, scratches and cobwebbing due to prior inferior buffing work. Other damage may also be the result of oxidation, blemishes, industrial fall-out, acid rain, pollution, parking, road bloom, gravel, off-road use, tree sap, bird droppings, pruned bushes or overhanging trees, sport or children activities, general family wear and tear and many other factors.
Bright, dark, metallic and pearl colours require special techniques to be restored and they require on-going care to maintain their appearance. Polishing black paint work or duco and black two pack finishes is an ExcellBuff specialty.
Excell Buff also is a specialist in removing decals, adhesives and overspray or blocking and rubbing back new paint and then polishing to enhance the true quality, smoothness and lustre of a new paint job.


Cutting and Polishing

Cutting and polishing is a decades old term for the technique of rejuvenating tired paintwork. A poor quality cut and polish job will leave buff marks, swirls and fine scratches. Be aware that there are some very clever products that claim to remove these but they are only very fine filling polishes that are only temporary and they are disguising a bad job. There should never be any of these patterns or marks in the first place!

Paint technology

Paint technology has changed to the extent that some cars are now sprayed with water-based paint and many colours are actually clear over the base colour. This means the colour is actually brought out by the translucent effect of the added clear. The clear coat often requires extensive polishing treatment to restore the true colour of the paint. Satin coloured textures and organic paint are being developed.

Damaged Duco

Excell Buff can remove swirl patterns, buff marks, scratches and cobwebbing due to prior inferior buffing work. Other damage may also be the result of industrial fall-out, acid rain, pollution, parking, road bloom, gravel, off-road use, trees, pruned bushes and many other factors.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing includes the careful and detailed cleaning of all the interior components Your car’s quality fabrics, trim components, vinyl, plastic, metal, aluminium, chrome, glass, wood grain, cloth seats and roof linings, carpets and leather all occasionally need maintenance and protection. Excell Buff offers the professional care and advice needed for each individual trimming.


Paintwork can be improved by cutting, buffing and polishing the duco of your car producing a deep lustre and shine that is often better than the manufacturers’ standard for new vehicles (as new paint requires time to cure). With age paint hardens and changes texture and correct buffing and polishing can produce a smoother, more brilliant, rejuvenated surface.

Paint Care

Be gentle. Remember Excell Buff has already left the paintwork in near perfect condition. It has been cut smooth, rejuvenated and protected with the best wax. Adhesion of any foreign material is kept to a minimum by this process and vigorous washing will only reduce the effectiveness of the wax and scratch the duco. Use a special washing wool mitten or an extremely soft sponge and only a small amount of high quality car wash liquid; too much will strip the paint. Do not let detergent dry on the surface, always keep the body wet and smooth. Dry off with a good synthetic chamois and buff a soft cotton cloth over the glass and shiny bits.

Excell Buff Guarantee

*Excell Buff is not a franchise or sales outlet for unproven technologies, techniques or products and is a professional personalised service tailored to your specific requirements.